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Sep 30

Building Safety Award Programs Using Leading Indicator Performance Objectives

leading indicator

As part of our ongoing program activity with our clients, we gather actual Leading Indicators that our clients use in their safety award systems.  The list that we have created is by no means meant to be an exhaustive combination of every possible leading indicator that have or can be used in BBS award systems.  …

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Aug 19

Traditional Safety Incentive Programs Just Don’t Work!

Traditional safety award programs are frowned upon by OSHA because they can lead to not reporting accidents in order to receive an award.  In addition with traditional programs that simply reward the lagging indicator, or waiting until the end of the program to win the “big prize” you don’t do much to change the behavior …

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Apr 29

Let Their Paychecks Be Their Safety Incentive!

Sound familiar?  Even in this day of management that strives to drive a positive culture of employee engagement, there are still many managers who don’t believe in safety incentives.  And actually many of them have good reason not to. For years, companies implemented traditional safety incentive programs that gave a prize to everyone or everyone …

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Mar 25

Can Simply Thanking Someone for being Safe Be a Reward in Itself?

OTS_Safety Award_Card_right tilt

Absolutely! As a matter of fact many practitioners of behavior based safety believe that you don’t need expensive safety awards at all to motivate improved safety performance.   That all you need to do is measure and acknowledge the behavior in a positive way and it is this frequent reinforcement that builds a safety habit.  Of …

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Jan 07

Safety’s Peanut Butter and Jelly: Training and Incentives

pb jelly

It doesn’t make much sense to have a safety incentive program when the employees don’t know the what, when, how and why of their job descriptions. The most successful safety incentive programs have good safety habits at their core. People are creatures of habit and fall back on what they know. Habits form the groundwork …

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Nov 05

Safety Employee Recognition in its Simplest Form

pos reinforce

  Jeff Haden is a ghost writer who has written many non-fiction books for some of the smartest CEOs in business.  He is also a featured columnist on Inc.com and CBS Money Watch.  We feel he has a prescient understanding of employee engagement and recognition.  Much of what he says about employee recognition system should …

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Sep 03

Safety Recognition Thought for the Day

thought day

Wages are the reason your employees come to work, but they have nothing to do with how well they perform there job or how safe they are when they get there. Don’t assume that every time you have a new short or long term safety goal to achieve that cash is the best incentive reward to …

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Aug 27

Individual or Team Based Safety Incentives?

ind v team

There are differences of opinion on this question.   Some experts insist that rewards should be based solely on individual performance, to maximize innovative safety solutions, highlight individual performance and avoid peer pressure and the un-reporting of incidents.  Others believe that in some cases groups or small teams can work best especially in organizations that stress …

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Aug 13

Safety Awards? – Don’t Forget Administration and Communications

admin comm

The devil is in the details.  Nothing could be more true than in a safety award system. The safety award industry offers many variables and choices, sometimes too many.  With this vast array of options to choose from which ones should you use?  What awards, how long, teams or individuals, how & when to reward, …

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Jul 16

Safety Award Systems Embody Best Practices of a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

psycho health 3

The American Psychological Association sites five practices of a psychological healthy workplace.  They are: Employee involvement Work-life balance Employee growth and development Health and safety in the workplace Employee recognition The well planned and executed safety award system will include all of these components.  For employee involvement, employees often form self-managed teams and safety committees …

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