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Dec 07

Safety Incentive Programs….the Most Misunderstood Strategy in the Safety Industry

Of the various types of incentive programs we’ve implemented, researched or analyzed within the award industry, the most misunderstood of all of them by far is the “safety incentive.”  I follow a few safety groups on Linkedin, and recently there were a couple of discussions on safety incentives and what the safety professionals in the …

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Nov 23

Steps You can Take to Improve Safety Attitudes

This post in the Safety Daily Advisor does a good job of positioning some steps you can take to improve the safety attitude in your organization.  While these steps form a solid foundation we believe there are some other important ideas to consider.   Talk About Safety While talking about safety is important, you might want …

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Apr 20

How to Avoid Scaffold Violations

Here’s an interesting article from the Safety Daily Advisor on how to prevent accidents due to scaffold violations.    The article lists several questions about the safe use of scaffolds, and there’s no doubt that if you ask yourself these questions when inspecting your jobsite you will decrease the chance for an accident.  When you are …

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Apr 15

How to Prevent Injuries in the Workplace?

According to a recent post on Safety Daily Advisor, to prevent injuries you must tap into the vast knowledge that exists in your workers.  You can do this by taking advantage of a number of activities such as:  -Implementing Safety Suggestion systems -Getting more employees to serve on safety committees -Encourage attendance at safety training …

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Mar 18

Everybody’s an Expert on Safety Award Systems

I was involved in a diverse discussion on safety award systems on Linkedin a couple of weeks ago.  A member of the group asked for help in ideas on safety awards and the comments were many and varied.  Most of the respondents were from the safety industry ….safety managers, specialists etc.  What interested me the …

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Mar 16

The ROI of Safety Programs

“Financial executives who were surveyed by the Liberty Mutual Research Institute for Safety said that the top benefits of a workplace safety program were predominately financial in nature.”  The study went on to show that for every $1 spent on safety, there was a savings of $3, or a 3:1 ROI.  Many safety professionals believe …

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Mar 04

Gift Cards as Safety Awards – EHS Today

According to an article in EHS Today gift cards are and will continue to be an extremely popular – if not the #1 – incentive award.  There are numerous reasons for this, not the least of which is that they provide the greatest choice and the best value of any award in the incentive industry.  …

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Feb 18

Gift Cards Outpace Cash as Employee Awards

In a study, First Data Corp, the largest card processor in the world, reported that gift cards outpaced cash as the award of choice when it comes to employee recognition….read more.

Feb 16

Using Gift Cards as Wellness & Safety Incentives

Gift cards make terrific wellness and safety awards.  They are not cash but have the best value in the incentive industry and they can provide for an unlimited choice in awards.  The budgets for wellness or safety programs are typically small on a per person basis and gift cards are perfect for these types of …

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Jan 21

Employee Wellness and Employee Safety Gift Card Awards

Employee wellness and employee safety award programs go hand in hand.  Unfortunately they are often implemented by different departments in the same corporation, yet they both play an important part in the Environmental Health and Safety of the organization.  Wellness award programs, just like safety award programs are all about changing people’s behavior.  It has …

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